I’m Jesse Steele. I started this project, Watch Stand Pray, for two reasons: inspiration and funding. I want to inspire Christians to Godly excellence and motivate anyone with great ideas from the Bible, all while helping fund the 24-7 worldwide prayer movement. Watch Stand Pray officially launched February 1, 2017.

Until the fame of Jesus fills the earth and until he comes, watch, stand, and pray. Then, it’s time to get to work and the Watch Stand Pray project gets a serious upgrade.

What does the logo mean?

Watch Stand Pray, its brand, logo, and identity symbolize both the Anna calling, to keep watch and pray in the temple, and the Joseph and Daniel callings, to be both prayerful and active in the palace, square, marketplace, highways, and hills.

Conceptually, I took IHOPKC‘s “flame on the altar” logo and stood it up like a person worshiping, working, and praying. I turned the flame in the opposite direction to help avoid confusion and to symbolize the “right and left handed” work of God and the Church. I also rounded the edges from the sharp corners because a body is organic while a temple and altar are constructed. While the house of prayer is a stationary building, the watchmen on the walls (Is 62:6) move and work with the same mission. As the Image of God, we are living, breathing, working, going, praying temples of the Holy Spirit. The words “Watch Stand Pray” come from the “watch and pray” calling of a “praying Anna” (Lk 2:36-37), with the “and” turned into “stand” to emphasize the action of legs, both at the watchman’s wall (metaphorically praying in the temple) and “going” out beyond the stationary temple walls into the palace, city square, marketplace, highways, and hills. Standing and going are not the same, of course, but we must stand before we can walk (John 5:8).

In prayer rooms and anywhere else, many prayer warriors pray standing, but prayer can assume any position—standing, kneeling, walking, sitting, lying down, et cetera. “Standing”, here, refers any active and determined approach to prayer and the Christian life. A watchman on the wall who stands cannot easily fall asleep at his post.


Actually, there are none. Watch Stand Pray is in no way officially affiliated with any house of prayer or ministry. It falls under no direction other than my sole discretion, which of course remains in good and godly counsel with my own Christian circles. Neither IHOPKC nor any house of prayer has reviewed, condoned, endorsed, or advised any of the contents or strategies of Watch Stand Pray. This is done at my own, full initiative and I am not nor have ever been on staff with any self-identified house of prayer.

Free Seller’s License

Any Bible-believing, Christian organization, such as a Christian bookstore or house of prayer, may request a Free Seller’s License to take quotes from any Watch Stand Pray materials and use the logo to produce and sell customized, in-house materials, keeping 100% of the profits. The only exception is clothing, which must be supplied by guyze.com, and will receive the lowest small account wholesale price available; this is for quality purposes. (Watch Stand Pray places a strong emphasis on quality in many things, even clothing.) For such a license, fill out the Contact form.

If you are not a Bible-believing, Christian organization, but you would still like to have a Free Seller’s License to produce and sell, under the terms of course, Jesus-promoting Bible ideas, you are also welcome to request a free license!