Free Seller’s License


This License is granted in writing or email by the owner and registrant of, also known as Watch Stand Pray, to the “Licensee”, as shall be aforementioned in such granting, along with any “Special Accommodation”.

When granting by email, this entire License shall be included in the email which must originate from and be addressed to the email address of the Licensee, which shall also be aforementioned.

I. Who & What

The Licensee may only use the privileges of this License with the aforementioned Licensed organization and any stated and listed brands or trademarks. This License does not cover use by parties not aforementioned.

The License covers the privileges of designing, creating, producing, and selling all kinds of materials except clothing, see article IV. Clothing. Accepted materials can include, but are not otherwise limited to, dishware, stationary, posters, cards, books, banners, and other materials.

No royalties of any kind are owed to Watch Stand Pray.

II. Privileges

The Licensee may take any textual material from main content published at and re-produce it using any legally-obtained and used font, except Swirls, Arial, Papyrus, and Comic Sans.

The Licensee may also include any legally-obtained and used graphical content.

The Licensee may also use this in combination with the Watch Stand Pray logo.

Other adversing and special branding may also be included, but NOT additional textual content. Accepted is information such as the organization’s name, slogan, motto, event name, theme, web address, physical address or other contact information, and organization’s logo.

III. Textual Limitations

The Licensee may NOT edit, augment, or alter the included textual content under this License.

The Licensee may take excerpts of text. If omitting any words from a sentence, the Licensee must use an ellipse (three consecutive period marks … ) in place of each segment of omission.

Use of textual content under this License must not be degrading or derogatory in any way, neither toward the textual content being used, ideas therein, nor toward Watch Stand Pray and/or its owners and/or contributors, neither may use of this License portray Watch Stand Pray and any content governed by this License in a way that might reasonably be understood as being demeaning on the part of Watch Stand Pray.

IV. Clothing Limitations

The Licensee may not use this License for materials printed clothing other than clothing purchased for the purpose of this license from Special prices from are available for this purpose. This is to ensure some standard of quality.

Exceptions may be common, but are based on quality of the apparel. Ordinary, run-o-the-mill T-shirts are not acceptable.

Any exceptions to this clothing restriction must be aforementioned in the written License under “Special Clothing Accommodation” with a brief description of the clothing and the name it is known by the Licensee for stocking/receipt purposes.

V. Published Stance

The Licensee shall make readily and publicly available, though perhaps in low-key manner discoverable without needing to strain or remove obstructions, in font size 6 pt or larger, whether the Licensee agrees with the Watch Stand Pray Statement of Faith. Any of the following examples will suffice:

“We agree with the Watch Stand Pray Statement of Faith.”

“We do not agree with the Watch Stand Pray Statement of Faith.”

“We partially agree with the Watch Stand Pray Statement of Faith.”

The statement must reflect the truth of the Licensee’s position on the Watch Stand Pray Statement of Faith.

VI. Applicable Law

This License shall not be construed so as to encourage or otherwise allow violation of any and all applicable law under which the Licenser and/or Licensee must abide.