303 – Peace Starts in the Home

Harsh words jar the senses. Snippy responses cause whiplash. It’s difficult to be a peaceful, calm person when the home is prone to tremors, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. But, if the home is a haven of still waters, travelers can find rest and replenish their supply.

In every sector of life and society, people with peaceful, calm spirits become those havens where ships seek shelter. This is an unexplained—and arguably unfair—reason why some people gain quicker success, trust, and respect in careers and friendship. We all need peace.

A peaceful person is like an oasis. Everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle. When you can be that break in the turbulence for everyone who encounters you, everyone will want to encounter you.

Some we call this “being present” or “being ‘with’ those around us”. Thinking about who you are talking to and not letting your mind wander, staying focused on the conversation with the person you are with, listening to understand rather than to persuade, inviting others to talk, even knowing what words to share that inspire—all of these “people skills” depend on first being a person of peace.

A “person of peace” may create incredible turmoil for enemies. Like an eye of a tornado, the fiercest adversary is the peaceful worker roused to wrath. This is not the introvert afraid to speak, but the neighbor who is inwardly solid and therefore comfortable everywhere and therefore focused on tending to his own responsibilities so as not to make work for others. That peaceful man or woman or family, organization, city, nation, religion, or people group—the one with true peace—will stand against opposition with unbreakable terror. Never provoke anyone who is strong because of inner peace.

All inner peace begins at home. Parents create that haven at home by teaching, correcting, punishing, even spanking in calmness and continued “joy by choice”. Children take on the temperament that their parents cultivate. Adults who grew up in turbulent homes can create a haven at home—even for themselves—by giving their children the calm they lacked. Prayer helps, as do good company and counsel. Whether given or received, peace begins at home.