100 – God the All Wise

Any of our own wisdom found its origin in God. All wisdom flows from Him—whether the wisdom we gain by seeking or the wisdom we gain with age and hard knocks.

God’s wisdom is not merely a kind of “cheating” based on His knowledge of everything. If God were to take a test He would pass by mere virtue of knowing the answer key. Having all academic knowledge would not necessarily mean that God would pass the test because most of our tests expect the wrong answers because our incomplete knowledge of science is flawed in light of His perfection. But, none of God’s vast knowledge relates to His separate nature of being infinitely and eternally wise.

Even without being the epitome of a living encyclopedia, God would know how to handle any and every situation. God could defeat the devil even without being all powerful or all knowing because He still possesses the wisdom of how to handle situations correctly.

God’s pure wisdom was demonstrated in Jesus’s early life. Jesus grew in wisdom and stature. He had to learn to speak and walk, yet through his life he pursued and gained an enormous collection of “nuggets of wisdom” because he was born merely with the infinite, God-sized love for wisdom itself. In this sense, Jesus was the wisest “old soul” there ever was or will be.

Jesus was born with the eternal and perfect essence of wisdom, but the actual “nuggets” of wise thinking he thus gained as he grew up. God demonstrates His wisdom perfectly through His Son, Christ Jesus of Nazareth.

In Jesus’s adulthood, he knew how to answer the Pharisees and scribes because his perfect pursuit of wisdom from childhood had given him the understanding so that he knew what to say, even when he did not have the greater position of authority over the leaders who confronted him.

Jesus shared this wisdom in his teaching, advising us on relationships and confrontation with authority. Likewise, God teaches us wisdom throughout the Bible. Solomon asked God for wisdom and God granted it to him. You too can receive wisdom. All you need to do is ask from the infinitely wise God.