104 – God of Higher Ways and Higher Thoughts

God is more than the Creator of all things; He is the inventor. He imagined everything even before He created it. He is infinitely imaginative.

God’s ideas and methods are even more incomprehensible than the incomprehensible nature that He created us in.

Some things God will not explain to us simply because it’s not possible for us to understand. Other things we would easily understand, but God chooses not to tell us for good reason—and it is those reasons that we are incapable of understanding.

A father on the south side of Chicago told his eight year old son to get out of the street. The son defiantly asked him why. “I’m a forty year old man,” the dad answered. “If you can understand my thinking, what does that say about me?”

While we make our plans, God looks down from His higher viewpoint and sees many more things than we see. Our logistics and limitations are much smaller than the immensely bigger picture that God sees. While we may think we have everything worked out—for how we plan to do a thing or how a thing will happen—God already has a better idea.

Hopefully, with an ongoing prayer life in God, our plans will not attempt to outsmart or conflict with God. We certainly don’t need to consider something He might have overlooked. As we mature in God, our plans should try to align themselves with God’s plans. Most importantly in this, our plans must account for the fact that our plans will always remain incomplete by definition.

“Godly” planning will have enormous gaps that read “this is where God has to do something because I’m clueless”, but then we execute the parts of the plan that fall into our responsibility. The insight to know which parts are which comes with a lot of time, a lot of Bible study, a lot of prayer, and a lot of very exciting journeys with God.

The Bible itself being God’s Word will be above our own understanding and will teach higher ways and methods. Studying the Bible will help us to get less unaccustomed to the God Whose ways are higher than ours.