123 – Paying for Appreciation

Pay for things. Make others pay you for things. Work for money. Pay what work is worth. We only value something as much as we pay for it. Don’t train people that you or they are worthless. Handouts make people dependent and eventually they die from weakness. Help, but helping a chicken hatch will kill it.

Sometimes we don’t have money, but we can always pay with effort. So, work for things, whether you are rich or poor. In His wisdom, God hardcoded this into our programming: If we don’t work a thousand hours for only one hour of pay, we just don’t understand money. Working for money is the only way to “pay” for money, “earning” it.

The more you work for money, the more you will understand it. You don’t want to stay there, working hard for very little. But, many people remain there because they never learn about money, so God keeps them there to keep teaching them. If God meets your needs as you work too hard for too little, He is making you rich in wisdom, which is more valuable than money.

Don’t get into judging yourself or others about why who has how much. Try to earn and understand as much as you can, then God will give you the perfect suit for your needs. Even if God makes you dirt rich, that also is intended to teach you some kind of valuable lesson, such as the dangers of laziness and monetizing inflated confidence.

Whether you’re rich in wisdom or rich in gold, God wants you to use your riches to help others. That doesn’t mean becoming the all-saving charity who solves problems by dolling out what on one appreciates. Only Jesus can save the whole world. Whether you help someone by giving them money or wisdom, don’t make it cheap; make them appreciate it.

Don’t just tell people all the wisdom you know; give them some pointers—something to ponder—and then let them work for it by having to ponder it. That will keep your friendly distance, staying out of their personal space. People will respect your wisdom if you make them earn your respect for theirs.