127 – Sow Virtue

No matter how busy your life gets, take time to sow in virtue. There are many ways to sow virtue; the more virtue sown the merrier your life.

Virtue is a kine of foundation. As much as we value the roof during a heavy rain, without a firm foundation there won’t be a roof at all. It’s arguably a “mentally referable” state of mind if someone tries to build a roof before laying the foundation. Just as much, it’s “mentally referable” when someone focuses on producing a product directly while leaving the factory that produces the product in disrepair.

One classic example of this in Christian business was Big Idea Productions. The simple summary goes something like this: They originally promised their small distributor, only verbally, that they would always use them as a distributor. Around the time the Jonah movie was coming out, Big Idea supposedly reneged on the verbal promise, lost a lawsuit in which verbal promises were judged to be legally binding, and that was the end of Big Idea.

The founder of Big Idea didn’t give up; he continued his life and got back on a good track. After losing everything, he had the harder lesson to rebuild. But, it might have been easier with a moral compass prioritizing personal promises above profit. Learn from the Big Idea story, but don’t judge it.

Sometimes the foundational needs are “basic”—hygiene, taking out the trash, balancing financial accounts, and normal “sustainer” activities that we humans reflect, being the Image of God and all.

But, just as important—even more important—is the foundation of virtue. That goes back to building on a rock rather than on sand. A foundation is only as strong as the ground on which it rests.

Give a “tithe” somewhere to something that helps advance God’s justice. It doesn’t need “Christian” branding, but it must serve the Creator God Most High of the Bible if He is Whom you want kudos from. “Tithe” can be any percent, amount, or resource, even time. Dripping kindness, compassion, and fairness to people around you is more important to God than sacrifices. One way or another, prioritize sowing virtue into your fields.

Genesis 14:17-24, Hosea 6:6, Matthew 7:24-27, Hebrews 7:1-10