130 – Light Must Be Shared

Life can’t be hoarded, goodness must be shared. Spread your knowledge liberally with all who ask.

Evil tries to contain knowledge for power and so-called “ascension” into levels of life that God has made freely available to everyone. This is achieved by anyone merely through mediating on God’s Word’s words, understanding God as He describes Himself in God’s Word through the personalities of the writers, praying for requests and fellowship with God, and obeying God’s Word’s simple, useful commands for delayed gratification and self-control. Anyone can do this, so spread your knowledge freely.

The same applies to administration and leadership. Don’t hoard people, not even your family. Hold everything with an open hand. Professors lose free research labor when they allow a student to graduate with a PhD. Religious groups are notorious for leaders being territorial with their people, as are MLMs by definition of the LOS.

Whether hoarding knowledge or people, failure to share knowledge is a form of control. God is Light and He shines everywhere; it is up to each if us to respond to His light. But, hoarded light will kill you. If you want more of God’s light, you must pass on whatever light you have, otherwise God will put you in the shade, safe from His light, so you won’t get burned by hoarding. This is why so-called “leaders” and “mentors” who hoard knowledge and people hit a glass ceiling on what they can teach and achieve: They don’t pass on everything they know to all who seek. As with knowledge and people, share your money.

Give healthy tips—not too much, but better to be generous than stingy. Pay subscriptions for “premium” features, don’t only use a service that comes free of charge. You can’t pay for every single service you ever use, but if you pay for premium versions of the services you enjoy most, you will sow good chivalry that will come back around. When you pay for something, you respect it more.

Likewise, charge others for work, but share freely what you can give without cost. Pass on the light you have, encourage, drip teachings, then the Light will shine on you all the more.