160 – Jesus the Bringer of Heaven to Earth

When Jesus returns, he will enter through the a window to Heaven in sky and descend in glory and in force, leading an army of at least 2 billion super-powerful Christians who either came back to life or were teleported and given new bodies to be with him.

The Devil and his fallen angels know about this. Non-Christian fiction tries to twist this with lies that “the bad guy” descends through the “wormhole” in the sky to madly destroy everything, heartlessly kill innocent people, and wrongly seek to rule over Earth.

Actually, all of those bad qualities belong to Devil, his fallen angels, and people on Earth who serve him either in creed or merely in ill deed. Jesus is the righteous hero who will descend through the tear in the sky to rescue us from that evil, global suicide cult, controlled by elites, attempting to destroy Earth.

Heaven will invade Earth to confront every bad thing that we all hate. But, non-Christians—who don’t not regard the Bible as supreme, who make up their own self-made morals, and who invent their own fiction to describe reality only God could Create—already despise the return of humanity’s rightful, self-sacrificing, just, and fair King Jesus.

False religion doesn’t seem so bad. But, it is a rebellion against God and it is behind the injustices that both Christians and non-Christians protest in agreement. Once false religions merge, only Jesus will be able to save us from them.

When Jesus returns, it will be “terrible”, but in goodness, help for the needy, wrath against the oppressors, and will be a good thing.

But, we do not need to wait for Jesus’s Second Coming in order to bring Heaven to Earth. We can help our neighbors, love all people as we love ourselves, pray for people who try to injure us, spread the value of morals from above, clarify the truth about the Good Creator God in Heaven—such deeds bring Heaven’s virtues to the world around us.

These things are all of what Jesus will bring when he descends in wrath and in glory in order to save humanity from consolidated false religion. In the meanwhile, bring Heaven nearer.

Daniel 7, Matthew 24, 1 Cor 15: 50-57, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, Revelation 11-13; 14-17; 20