168 – Jesus the Wise

Jesus was wise in ways we cannot fully know. Even working as a carpenter had its wisdom. John writes that Jesus did so many things that the world couldn’t contain enough books to tell it all. From what we do know of Jesus’s life in the New Testament, much of his wisdom shows in his conversations.

In prayer and study, Jesus came to understand God the Father in personal fellowship. Don’t think that Jesus’s knowledge and wisdom were downloaded to his brain—that would not be perfect. Jesus was perfect and a perfect human is a human who never stops learning.

Humans must expand and study, pray and grow. The Bible says that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature. As a perfect human, as he pursued God through Scripture and prayer, God would reveal to him who he was.

In this way, Jesus sets the example for all of us. Through persistent prayer and daily Bible exposure, God will reveal to you who you are. You will know your mission, purpose, gifting, calling, abilities, uniqueness, and even choices in your heart that you are unaware of.

Heaven rejoices over you because of your uniqueness, but you will only know why if you pursue Heaven’s knowledge through daily prayer and Bible. This is the beginning of wisdom and it is the reason Jesus was so wise as he was.

With the religious teachers and their word traps, Jesus cut to the heart of the matter. He knew God the Father and the Pharisees never could because loving God is necessary to know God.

When the Sadducees asked about the resurrection, Jesus explained what Heaven is like and that the error in their question showed that they neither understand God’s Word or God’s power.

When the Pharisees asked about the greatest command of Moses’s Law, Jesus explains the two Great Commands that sum up Moses’s Law as well as the Old Testament Prophets. Jesus knew this, but the Pharisees never considered it because, though they may have Moses’s Law memorized, they don’t know what it means.

Jesus didn’t answer these ways because he was cute with twisting arguments, but because he truly understood the issues.

Matthew 21: 23-27; 22:23-46, Luke 2:52