178 – Know Love

Knowing love is central to everything social—relationships, teamwork, family, romance, leadership, neighbors, classmates, the work place, the school playground, government, consulting, client relations, sales. Everything that involves people succeeds where love abounds and fails where love is absent.

When there are hardships or frustrations in dealing with people, love is somewhere absent. Being “able” to receive love can be difficult and it causes people to be unloving. Usually, rude, disrespectful, angry, inconsiderate people have a love issue—firstly that they don’t know how to receive love from others.

Being “unlovable” isn’t about other people struggling to love a person; it’s about one’s own inability to receive love from others. Loving the unlovable is a challenge because unlovable people put up barriers and deterrent to keep other people away. They act inhospitable and unwelcoming specifically and intentionally so that other people will not want to be kind to them. Kindness is a risk and, for whatever reason, they don’t want people to love them. They hunger for love, but they have decided somewhere that no love can ever be real or that so-called “love” is a bait for the coming switch.

Loving the unlovable means one must learn to love more. You may think that you love others, but your level of understanding love will not be proven with people who are easy to love, but with people who resist your love. This is a problem all around and whichever side you find yourself on today, there remains only one way through for everyone—learn to love more.

If you want to love others, you must first know how to receive love. If you struggle to love anyone else, that directly shows your struggle to receive love from others. The first place to receive love is from God because He never stops loving us. He rarely gives us what we want, but He loves us enough to give us what we need every time. Love can be firm and tough at times.

Growing in love is a daily, constant choice. You will not become a more loving person if you take a day off from loving others. Like Bible and prayer, love also grows daily.