182 – Two Types of ‘Victim’

There are two types of victimhood: 1. factual and 2. state-of-mind.

The first kind is when someone is literally overpowered by another person or institution. The second kind leads to “complete stories” about the bad things other people did, declaring, “I’m not going to be a victim anymore,” then looking for a gun, stick, bunker, faster car, supervisor to appeal to, or lawyer—all “devices” to stop or escape the abuser. Such “devices” are rarely an answer.

Preventative action is good and smart, home security systems and conceal carry permits even help police. But, don’t call a lawyer or get a gun because the people at work and home don’t listen; that’s the thinking of a mass shooter.

Never exploit your injury to blackmail or influence others. This is not justice, but it happens: Reporting abuse can reflect worse on oneself for getting injured in the first place, thereby appearing incompetent and losing employment, friends, even family. Report abusers, but don’t fall into this trap when you do!

One Asian friend was frequently taken advantage of by his friend and he wanted to change his English name to seem more tough. He did need a new name, but not to solve his “victim” problem.

I’ve had Asian employers deny me my legal papers more than once, even trying to take my passport. Rather than a battle in court, I chose to be educated and “sneaky” so my employers couldn’t take away my rights. I simply survived, nothing more, which slowly injured those employers more than any lawyer could have.

Sometimes we need to take legal or physical action, but there does also exist an often downplayed “inner-self power” that requires forgiveness in your heart, technical research on your own, and a lot of patience. That is what it fully means to “not let yourself become a victim”, where the slave is so shrewd and patient that he has more power than even the slave master.

We have seen this in history: Tank Man from China, MLK Jr., and Jesus Christ. Jesus was no victim, those who crucified him made themselves the victims because Christianity swelled into a tsunami movement and to this day holds the last word.