190 – Keep Calm and Carry On

Don’t trust in your own resources—your schedule, your friends, favors whether owed or promised, your money, or your smarts, talents, skills, education, or looks whether ugly or gorgeous. Base your trust on God’s hand to hold and uphold you. Then, you will stand no matter what comes your way.

The center of every storm brings its own calm. You yourself can be that peace. If you bring your own peace, then you are like another storm against the storm. Peace itself is a weapon.

Never grasp hastily at opportunities. When an army attacks, it plans for the enemy to respond. A good war strategist will even present phony “escape routs” in order to move the enemy into an ambush. Your red carpet way out will always include peace. Wait for the peaceful and proper moment before you move.

One of the oldest tactics of demons is to contrive plans so evil and terrible that almost every human will try to deny that the evil plan is real. This way, only the wickedest people will take up such plans. Yet, discovering those plans will naturally scare good people into going frantic. This is part of the plan used by demons on a regular basis. “Being discovered” is part of a grand strategy scare tactic to take away peace from their victims. Don’t fall for it. Keep calm and carry on.

Jesus is the prince of peace. Of course, being the Truth himself, Jesus will draw controversy and divide even immediate family members. But, Jesus brings peace and calm confidence to those who accept him for the Truth he is. He settles conflicts that whole world considers too impossible to settle, bringing peace and making friends even between the greatest of foes. Jesus’s ministry to the world is that Truth and Peace come together in him because Truth and Peace can only come if they come together because the root of conflict is fear, which is not driven away by compromise, but by confidence.

Many problems only exist because we think they are problematic, arising from our imagination of fear and worry. Act like a thing is not a problem and it just won’t might be.