192 – Jesus the Superpowerful

The nails did not hold Jesus to the Cross, his love for us did and nothing could have taken him down. He could have crawled down anytime he wanted—he could have flown down, or transformed himself into more splendid glory than Peter, James, and John saw upon the mount.

Jesus has such great power because he has such great love, not vice versa.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting to have strength before you learn to love. God will not give you power until you can love people with the small power you have—when you could smack or claw your enemies, but you don’t—when you could retaliate against your friends for small offenses, but you forgive and use your powers to bolster the friendship.

Calming the waves, feeding five thousand, walking on water, feeding another four thousand, being transfigured in his glory, even the resurrection—Jesus did these things, yet the greatest was love and love came before them all.

Jesus was like a supernatural batter charged to the max. When the bleeding woman touched him, her wound of twelve years was instantly healed. Jesus felt “power” discharge from his body and asked, “Who touched me?” He meant, “Who touched me in faith?” because many people were physically touching him, but someone touching him with a purpose and faith to receive his superpower resulted in his superpower having a place to go where it would achieve that purpose.

About the start of the twenty-first century, there had been teaching that miracles do not happen today. This micro-sect of so-called “Christianity” was short-lived. Even in the mid 1800s, Christians would teach new Christians to “tarry”, to wait for “the joy of the Lord”, receiving “baptism of the Holy Spirit” and God’s power with it.

That kind of “godliness without power” also feared emotional experiences while praying and singing worship to Jesus. It opposed Jesus’s spiritual superpower. Not having “power”, it faded when miracles returned.

Non-Christian “chi energy control” reorganizes what little power we already have. Through Holy Spirit baptism, Jesus plugs us into his power, supercharging us for all the same miracles—and greater—with superpower from the Creator God’s Holy Spirit Himself.

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