203 – Under Attack, Taking Flack

Sooner or later, if you stand for the right thing, some enemy somewhere will give you retaliation flack. If you never get attacked then your missing something. Good people doing good things draw opposition from bad people who do bad things because good things disrupt bad things. Whatever you’re doing, having opposition from somewhere is the only way to know for sure that you’re on the right track.

When people attack you, it’s not because of your problems. Even if you have a problem, good and healthy people will help you, not attack you. People attack others because it helps them feel better in some twisted way.

Maybe you represent truth that proves others to be lacking, so they lash out. Perhaps they want a rag doll to torment as a distraction from their own problems. Or, perhaps they’re just flustered, having a bad day. But, attacks against you are never because of you.

When you’re dealing with an assailant, normal rules of “charisma” might not apply. There is a place for listening to people and arguing in other people’s favor as good manners in social responsibility. If you’re reasonable then reasonable people will listen to you because reasonable people like to listen to reasonable a person. But, this only applies to reasonable people talking to reasonable people.

If someone isn’t reasonable and they are attacking you, whether in broader hostilities of life or merely in conversation, hostile or passive-aggressive, they probably have diabolical issues and you are neither their first nor their last prey. “Being reasonable” and “having honorable manners” will not work with them. No matter what you do, no matter how kind you are, they will be angry with anyone who stands for the right thing when the right thing gets in their way, especially if they have a secret covenant with a secret sin.

When assailants reveal problems, perhaps exploiting their—or someone else’s—victimhood as passive-aggressive blackmail, that’s your safe rout. Answer, “It sounds like a big problem. I wish I could help, but I should stay back while they figure things out.” That’s exactly right. Keep back. Don’t persuade and don’t mess with people who somehow attract diabolical problems.