208 – Deliverance and Strength by Waiting on the Lord

Sometimes, not always, God delivers and strengthens us by means of us waiting on Him. In the ark, Noah had to wait on God. Israel had to wait and let God deliver them from Egypt. Israel wanted to keep waiting when it was time to step up and seize. So, in the desert, though the older generation was being punished, the younger generation was being nourished and trained for battle to seize. In that season of forty years, they had to wait on God every day.

As warriors in training, knowing that God Himself would fight for them—since God Himself strengthened them with manna everyday—was an advantageous military tactic. Few armies flank only one side, expecting God to flank the other. But, when you have to wait for your food—every day for forty years—as two generations of able-bodies soldiers did in nomadic Israel’s dessert season, the “God” factor is a tactic you learn to trust in. When they finally left the desert and marched straight for Jericho, Israel’s armies didn’t doubt Joshua when he told them that God’s tactic was to march in circles and shout.

Running from Saul, David had to wait. In the pit, Jeremiah had to wait. In the fiery furnace, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego could only respect the king wait on God. In the lions’ den, Daniel waited ’til morning. In every one of the “waiting” situations in the Bible, God swoops in and saves His people mightily—to the detriment and shame of their enemies every single time.

We can’t calculate nor forecast with strategy when to win by waiting and when to win by fighting. But, waiting must not be ruled out as a “lesser” tactic or a “last resort”. Timing is everything. Nearly every military force involves “waiting” in their attack plans. “Get in position” are three words many Americans know. The grand strategy makes it all make sense. Waiting is not about laziness, apathy, or passivity; it’s about scruples, timing, maturity, and self-control.

God may have already dispatched His evac force to your location. You may be the evac force for an entourage on its way to you. Be there when it’s time.