223 – Levels of Sins

There are no different levels of sin. People throughout society frequently bring up questions about specific sins, “What about this sin?” or, “What about people living this lifestyle who say they love God?” The Cross of Jesus Christ redeems us from all sin. It does not condemn us for sin. It does not pick and choose its favorite sins like we tend to. The Cross delivers us from all sin.

The presumption of the Biblical-moral worldview where sin is concerned is “equal need for redemption”. Whether something is or is not sinful or immoral, the Bible’s final message is not that we are condemned, but forgivable. Immorality is presumed to be self-condemning.

Fleeting passions and dishonesty do not quench the soul’s thirst for fulfillment. They are ungratifying—all of them equally. To even consider certain sins as being above or below, more or less severe, than other other sins is a sin itself since it falls short of the Bible’s view that the Cross offers us redemption from things that harm us and leave us empty and dry.

People who live in continued immorality or dishonesty, yet say they love God, actually and only love their misunderstanding of God. To some extent, they have contrived their own moral code and invented their own version of a god who prefers that moral code.

Whatever we need delivered from is not our choice. Few people choose their addictions in advance. Both morals and help to obey them must both come from above. If we determine our own morals, then we are our own greatest power to fulfill them. But, when we bend the knee to an all-powerful God Most High—Who alone can determine a moral code—then we can walk in a power greater than ourselves.

We can only come to God on God’s terms. You life will skyrocket when you let God determine your morals and help you back on your feet when you fail to measure up. Someone who persists in any sin, dishonesty or immorality, yet claims to love God, may very well love God, but still has room to love God much, much more. By definition, that includes every one of us.