227 – Higher Standards

God holds each of us to a higher standard than everyone else does. At times, other people around you will get away with terrible choices, but you will be scrutinized for the smallest, simplest, pettiest errors. When it seems that you are held to a higher standard, you are. God is holding you to that higher standard.

It may seem to others like they are held to a higher standard than you are. Their struggles and the small things they notice may be different from the things you notice. But, in some things, the standard of what God expects from you is indeed higher than what He expects from others—for those specific things, and vice versa for other things.

Then, there are people that God does not hold to those standards because, sadly, they have inwardly chosen to throw away any chance of even considering God’s morals and the higher, more enjoyable results that they lead to. Perhaps they never heard of God’s higher road of morals and enjoyment, but they never cared to go looking for any higher roads either.

Once a person learns about a higher road, a better life, sees someone “choose” happiness for the first time, or recognizes any evidence that life can get better—then pursues and chases after that better life—everything changes. God will instantly send that person both useful advice and added trouble that needs the useful advice. That person is now held to a higher standard because that person wants to be held to a higher standard. So, God is glad to oblige.

Your potential cannot be explained by the lives, skills, and results of those around you. If your potential could be understood by observing other people, we wouldn’t all be unique. When life seems hard, don’t complain about the unfairness; be thankful for it!

It is indeed, quite unfair that God honors our choice to seek a higher standard, which He then holds us to. Life dolls the same sun, rain, reward, and winter, yielding whatever is sown, and standing before God, none of us measure up. But concerning your uniqueness, God’s higher standards will make you become more than you though possible.