230 – Let Prayer Have Its Day

You don’t know other people’s problems. You may be aware that there is a problem, at most, but only God knows what everyone’s problem truly is, including your problems. We’ve all been in those situations where someone misjudged us, don’t be the one who misjudges.

Living at peace will all people, especially your enemies, makes for a smooth life and uninterrupted work. More than you proving a point to the idiot next door, you need to get your own work finished. Find a way to have no conflict with your neighbors, regardless of what idiots their parents raised them to be. Just make everything stay smooth. Swallow your pride. Bite your tongue. Actively cover for his flaws. Do whatever it takes to prevent his fits of lesser importance interfere with the far more important work you need to complete in your workshop and with your family.

Problems beyond our control are much easier to solve if we let God solve them. You don’t know your neighbor’s problem. Hurt people hurt people, so people who hurt people are hurting people. Don’t judge; lift it up in prayer. Keep the peace and invite God to go rooting for the root of your neighbor’s problem.

Prayer is a powerful thing. If you pray often, all the time while driving for example, you will find new breakthrough and “luck” in your life. Almost no one will tell you no. Even your enemies will be too worried from your evident strength of joy or too distracted with problems of their own to pursue you. But, beware the repercussions of prayer.

If you live a strong life in prayer, spiritual warfare will increase. Cars will cut you off more than five times the amount of a month, all in a single trip to the grocery store. People will argue with you about “little nothings” for no reason at all, but none of it will have any bite. The only response is to ignore it. Don’t take the bait. When we pray, angels get the power to work for us, and the devils need us to “react”.

Let prayer rise in your life to be your first, best, and last response forever.

Romans 12:18, Ephesians 6:12-15, Philippians 4:6-7, Hebrews 12:14