238 – Exclusive Respect

All dogs might go to Heaven, but humans ain’t dogs. Prayer works powerfully on the condition that it is requested to Jesus as the one and only. Jesus does not ask that Christians squabble and contend with others over matters of faith and doctrine, but he does not accept being confused with the devil either.

One dangerous lie in the spineless blog of “unificationism” is the argument that bringing up the devil is the source of evil. That itself is a lie from the devil since the devil’s second greatest achievement is to convince humanity that he doesn’t exist; his greatest accomplishment is convincing humanity that he is the Jesus of Sunday Morning. If people believe that their worship of the devil is actually worship of Jesus, then wicked men can sleep at night and those who hate the devil’s deed will misplace the blame on Jesus. The devil exists and lurks. Avoiding him or denying his very evident existence does no service.

Wickedness, like gentlemen’s disagreements, must be accounted for, never dwelt on. Identify the devil, then forget about him. Decent people are able to disagree without becoming unfriendly. People who claim that “all religions are the same” do so to mask their immature inability to be respectable in differences. Jesus taught to know the truth and to love all people. Christianity is able to recognize Jesus as the one and only mediator between God and man while not needing to fight others. Needing agreement in order to get along is a sign that someone desperately needs Jesus.

Never encourage anyone to believe both Jesus and another religion. Doing so will not make two friends, but two enemies.

Jesus is the exclusive Christ because he alone is the Son, the Word made flesh, sacrificing himself to open the way. His message is repentance toward hope based on knowable truth.

The “tolerance” movement that demands so-called “acceptance” of everyone will harshly reject anyone who doesn’t define tolerance on their terms. This is their proof of a self-contradicting worldview. Don’t take the passive-aggressive little comments that “everyone is right” because those comments will quickly turn hostile-aggressive. Jesus path of truth and love is the higher perspective.