241 – Stand Unconcerned

Be kind to your adversaries; this is much easier if you don’t mislabel friends as adversaries. Check first. Same goes with forgiveness.

When you try to forgive the wrong person or the wrong deed, it seems generally impossible. Correctly label the good and bad, ideas and deeds, your friends and enemies. Then, it will be easier to navigate challenging situations.

When you know that you have a true adversary, attacking or resisting are the two worst things you can do. Ignoring adversaries—even acting like they aren’t adversaries—is the best action. No one can stand against you anyway, at least if you stand with the Living God Most High. Squabbles and conflicts are generally petty. Don’t try to state your case, prove your point, or assert your claim. Just live and act; let others figure it out.

Nearly any culture you operate in today will have the Bible in its language, so people can search the Bible to understand you if they wish. You don’t need to explain yourself in anything. Once you no longer care about detailed matters of a conflict, you will be free to do whatever you truly need to do.

Apathy toward adversaries is no endorsement. Adversaries need their adversity returned in order to persist. Have coffee with whomever opposes you. Listen to whomever wants to talk to you, at least long enough to sit down. Hear out criticism. Welcome opponents; they’re doing you some kind of favor, even if you don’t yet know how. Let down your guard and don’t fear your weak spots, but don’t numb your wits and never become weak from laziness.

As long as you are diligent and keep working, learning, growing, and strengthening yourself, the worries that most people evade will not be any kind of threat to you. There are two hemispheres of the worldview of standing unconcerned: One is the naked strength in your pure self, just as you are. You are up to any challenge, even without weapons. The other is your place in Eternity. Though your body and belongings may be harmed in this life, nothing in this world can take from one’s Eternity except oneself. Build your strength there.

Psalm 27