247 – We Belong to a King

We are saved and redeemed by a King, not a sissy, not an overlord—a King! This has many ramifications, among them self-respect. The more you understand that you have been redeemed by a King, the more respectable your life and your choices will be.

God’s forgiveness is vaster than the widest ocean. But, that doesn’t mean we will be happy if we create regrets and make more messes in our lives that need cleaning up, just to “experience His forgiveness” all over again. In those moments where we lapse and create regrets for ourselves, we don’t have a “theological” problem; we have a maturity problem.

Making a mess while claiming “God forgives all” is a cry for help, not an abstract theory about which big words we ought to argue about, just to fit God into a box small enough for us to fully understand in an afternoon read. Our theology affects our view of ourselves and good theology begins with this: God is a King, our King.

The truth that God is a King marks yet one more beautiful thing about Him. It explains much of His relationship with us. Any king prospers only as much as his people prosper. Every king has close ties with all people of his kingdom.

God forgives us of every foolish thing we do, not because He doesn’t mind His kingdom being made a mess, but because He wants all of us to prosper.

You were redeemed by a King. Act like it. Walk in wisdom rather than as the angry child destroying his own life just to get attention. Don’t be the old fool who seeks to beat the angry child. Instead, return to your King every day. Search for orphans and bring them back to their King. Teach others to live with kingly respect. When someone acts unkingly, remind them of who they are. Remind yourself of who you are.

The one thing that makes Jesus unique among other kings is adoption—we are all sons and daughters of the King. We all have the rights of heirs. Stand up and live with dignity. Grow God’s Kingdom—your Kingdom—both in number and in splendor.