262 – God Has You

The keystone to lasting success is to surrender your work to the Lord God Most High and beg Him to guide you. A supernatural life in prayer and a mind conditioned by time with the Bible will yield lasting results that all the sales closing strategies in the world can’t beat. While you work and try, push and strive, but you don’t see many results, note that God still sustains you. His provisional hand brings you what you need, including daily difficulty that teaches you and makes you stronger.

Some people call these difficulties “exercise”; with physical bodies people seek out exercise and even pay big money for it, but with life skills many often decide that exercise is somehow bad. Actually, exercise is healthy in any area of life, whether body-building or character-building.

Instant prosperity without education and painful strengthening will only harm you. You may already have success, but the results have not yet arrived. Throttling the prosperity of your wise diligence is also a need, but it is a need you cannot throttle yourself. Only God can set the due payment for Life’s Laws and the Laws of the Universe—all of which He created for our enjoyment.

So, while you wait and trust God—dedicating your ways to Him, praying for Him to show you what to study and where to focus your product road map—know that He actively governs your speed to give you optimum benefit.

Jesus taught that the Father is glorified when we bear fruit. God wants you to prosper, but in the healthiest, longest-lasting way. He will give prosperity to you, He already has been.

Look back through your life—how you learned from bad choices, how you endured life’s struggles, how you survived, and how you will continue to. Don’t compare your results to others when asking whether your life is working. Spend large amounts of time in prayer, asking God to help you understand who you are, Who He Is, and what He wants you to do next. Pray that He would send you prosperity in whatever form is most suited for your time and place. And, pray for joyful stability through it all.

Psalm 37:5; 55:22, Philemon 4-7, 1 Peter 5:6-11