280 – Leading as Dominators of Space

Every space must have a governing dominator. This is a law of physics, firstly in gravity. The larger, denser mass will be the primary directing force within its range.

Of course all mass generates its own gravitational force, the smaller masses making impacts of their own. The moon changes Earth’s tides while Earth dictates the moon’s course around the sun. The greater forces are dominant. The moon is not greater than Earth, but it is greater than Earth’s oceans and thus makes it’s lesser—but nonetheless important—presence known on Earth.

We all make a difference, even in absence. When the loudest dominator doesn’t speak it creates loud silence. Absentee parents wreak passive destruction in their children’s lives. One of the handful of hard, vital lessons of life we each must learn is that everyone can and is dominated by something else in some way. Another lesson is that, while all factory workers are replaceable, no family member can ever be replaced. We only learn these vital life lessons through experience. Shareholders and employees of Apple learned the lessons of dominance and replacement twice.

If you don’t dominate your own space, in magnitude of your own capacity and strength, then you do injustice to the universe. Earth’s oceans need the moon as do the people of Earth need the tides to flow. Remember the riddle of the 500 pound gorilla: Where does he sit? Anywhere he wants.

Keep your space in order, your greaters in check, and your lessers in line. Don’t let your space dominate you.

The big, harry monster of the hill does whatever he wants whenever he wants. He generally doesn’t concern himself with matters of smaller critters inhabiting and roaming about. But, if squirrels quarrel and make a ruckus, he’ll have a thing or to to say about it. Thus the hairy monster’s prerogatives keep the peace of local squirreldom. If he abuses the squirrels, they will either flee and give him no company or they will gang up on him because squirrels have their own prerogatives too.

Never disrespect others in your space. Respect yourself as everyone else. Never oppress, but always dominate your own space at your own level.