289 – Be Responsible with Information & Thus Receive More

Heaven hides sensitive information, reserving it for those who work with sensitive hands and slow tongues. If you can’t keep a secret, then you will be one of the last people to know.

God always hopes for everyone’s best, so He will let dark secrets appear on your doorstep from time to time. It’s not your job to be the gossip vine and tell those secrets to the world. When you learn a dark secret, God wanted you to know that dark secret so that you could secretly sprinkle some light into that secret situation and perhaps only God would ever know—perhaps, not even the people you helped would know that you helped them.

That’s why God brings us dark, dirty secrets in the secret. It’s not so we can gossip, but so we can help… secretly.

If you are responsible with information—if you keep secrets that find you, if someone’s dirty business doesn’t become public knowledge just because you learned about it, God will keep sending you more and more secrets. He will send you news of the biggest problems and the biggest solutions. You will even gain the ear of leaders in government at every level—because you know how to keep a tight lip about other people’s business. It’s not that those leaders will trust you with information; God will trust you with information and they will trust your words to solve the problems they can’t figure out.

But, if your mouth always says exactly what your ears hear, you may have a local reputation for being honest, but you will probably have a bigger reputation as a gossip and hate monger, and you will certainly never learn the information necessary to make a sweeping difference. God simply won’t let that information darken your door.

Report crimes with solid proof, but aid the underground railroad. Talk about normal events, but give damaging reports hesitantly and only when necessary.

There are different classes of newspapers. The gossip fliers hang on a different rack than the reputed periodical and they sell at a different price. Choose which you will be by your ability to do something constructive with other people’s dark secrets.