295 – Times When Nothing Seems to Move Forward

Sometimes, life can act like the only options that work are sinful, foolish, or compromising of essential values. Sometimes, those values are Biblical and we must hold to our values. God is testing us in those times and if we hang on, following wisdom to the death, God will break through and deliver us at the last minute to something incredibly beyond anything we considered. But, at other times, our so-called “values” are in error and God requires us to adjust our understanding of morality to align our worldview with His Biblical teaching. It is very easy to confuse which of these two situations one is in.

Many people die of disease easily cured because they imagined that God would heal them supernaturally. Many people compromise their morals, claiming that “God wants us to be realistic”, thinking that God wanted them to do what they did, thus losing all favor with Heaven and failing this way. Most people who are on the wrong of these two paths have convinced themselves that they are on the correct path. The only way to see clearly enough to avoid confusing the two is through self-honesty and intense, life-long Bible study. There are no gimmicks or shortcuts or cramming books for this test.

There is also the matter of “vices” that slow us down like an anchor dragged at sea. These are things that we don’t think harm us, but they stop our progress and harm the ones we love. It could be a belief or a pet project you need to ditch or a kind of elbow grease you don’t want to employ.

Let go of whatever harms you and do anything that helps.

When you are in those seasons where, one way or another, your fields yield no harvest: Sow. The Law of Sowing and Reaping is one of your best friends in times of trouble—or your worst enemy for trouble you caused. Sow what is good—learn, initiate, help those right around you, research, move some of your projects forward, get random certifications, do research, practice skills. The more good seeds you sow, the more good harvest the rains will prepare for you to reap.