300 – Law of Forgiveness

Forgiving doesn’t always feel like the responsible thing to do, but it frees us to focus on what we need to do, which is the responsible thing to do.

In some sense, forgiveness involves emotions, but it begins as a choice, just like happiness. Forgiving opens up doors, clears roadways, and dislodges log jams so that everything can flow smoothly. It doesn’t actually let anyone off the hook; because the forgiver ends up paying the price it simply changes who is on the hook. So, crime doesn’t go unpunished.

Neglect and apathy are dangerous, but forgiveness is neither. Forgiveness says, “That person doesn’t owe me anymore.” That is anything but apathy or neglect.

Soon, our minds start speculating, “What if I see that person again…” But, these speculations are never, never fruitful. Forgiveness starts a spiral of events so unpredictable that no aftermath can be forecast. Forgiving means not making those purportedly “responsible” speculations. Moreover, its unpredictable aftermath is another reason demons hate forgiveness so much.

Forgiveness is a Law that transcends the spiritual and natural realms. Those things which forgiveness cuts loose don’t only exist where we can see them; forgiveness on Earth looses Heaven to jump on the job when we simply forgive—it’s the Law. Once angels go to work, nothing will make sense anymore. After someone forgives, so many opportunities and anomalous events unfold, no one can write enough books to tell the strangeness of it all.

Sometimes people only get the punishment they deserve when someone forgives them. Unleash Heaven’s justice, surrender your “right” to give what puny punishment mortals can.

Forgiveness seems reckless because, in a sense, it is reckless to smash the dam and let the river flow. Whatever log jam you find yourself in just might be released with a little “reckless” forgiveness. Then, Heaven will get a little “reckless” in pouring out opportunity and help, even into your own seemingly obscure situation.

The Law of Forgiveness is one of the strongest. It was at work with Jesus’s crucifixion. Forgiveness is one of the greatest Laws feared by demons, who will stop at nothing to stop you from forgiving. Don’t buy their lies. Don’t help them. Forgive.

Matthew 18:18