312 – Law of Wealth and Currents

Like any subject of learning, one secret to understanding wealth requires working for it. This is similar to how some people only learn by working with mass. Just how digging a space with a shovel or multiplying with blocks or sprinting up and down a giant piano keyboard painted on the ground to identify notes can help a student remember the notes—just as with learning through physical, hands-on exercises, money is only understood by working too hard for too little.

This is neither excuse to stay in poverty nor to dismiss those who are. This is only encouragement to those who just can’t seem to make a break with money and a warning to those who have too much money: Working too hard for too little causes an understanding of wealth—money, income, employment, business, finances, clients, whathaveyou—beyond any PhD’s comprehension.

The early Rockefellers lived in rich houses, but required their children to work extremely hard around the estate if they wanted anything. Loving parents entitle their children to the estate and inheritance, but rightly require “too much” hard work for personal possessions. To do otherwise deprives a child of elementary financial education, leads to affluenza, and eventually poverty. This happens often in family and nation.

Later we learn, wealth flows in “currents” and “undercurrents” of opportunity. Young Christians just learning to follow God’s subtle leading, take small steps of faith as God guides them into these currents. God tells the young Christian to walk into a store, someone is waiting for him, and a new opportunity is found. The immature Christian misunderstands and attributes the entire event to “God’s providence”, but the undercurrent of opportunity was there all along. God simply guided the Christian into it.

Provisional currents were designed into Creation by God; they bring money, opportunity, and food with them. The homeless live in these currents. Even ungodly men understand these “lucky” currents and exploit them. They see Christians flow in the currents, yet still do not believe in God because Laws of Wealth apply universally. But, Christian trust follows God’s leading to find and flow in currents of wealth, which only “too much” hard work can prepare us for.