314 – Navigating a Lifetime of Careers

No job needs to be your dream job. Any work will do as long as you can do it. Don’t think about choosing work too much, just ask if you can make money at it and get better at making more money at it every day.

Of course, one’s work must be ethical, but that’s about all. Work is for money. If you can change the world at the same time, that’s a plus. But, you can also change the world through your profit-potential hobby. Don’t buy the lie that you must have puppy love for your cash cow every day.

Income sources can change over time. There is a skill all in itself to recognizing any source of income as a source of income—that might be the best and most important skill to learn. Income streams are all around us, slightly camouflaged, but easy to find once you break off the codependent, dysfunctional relationship with your delusion of that “one and only dream job”. The skill of income itself can take over, then you will be better at staying focused, staying on task, and you will be better at being much happier while you are doing work that you may care little for, but that other people need so badly that they’ll help you pay your bills if you do that job for them.

Part of the fluidity of business means that college textbooks are out of date by definition, but so are any job skills or craftsmanship. Business changing the economy means that your job can also change. Tsunamis affect everyone near the coast. Your best chance is to learn multiple skill sets.

Learn skills in a classroom that are best learned in in a classroom. Chase after a career and curriculum that you are likely to finish—regardless of whether you “like” it. Whether you need a challenge or an interest—chase whatever cat you can grab by the tail!. Most importantly, never learn only one skill!

Most businesses and marketable craftsmanship combine multiple skills, creating “third skills”. The more skills you combine, the more “third skills” you create, the more marketable you will remain in the fluid world of money.