319 – Stop Everything and Praise God for Who He Is

In the midst of the storm, your greatest need can only be given by God. In the peace and quiet, when there are no pressing needs anywhere to be seen, you have the best time to prepare to receive whatever God has to give you later when those storms come. Whether in the quiet or in the raging wind, praise God!

In a manner of speech, praising God “turns on the lights” wherever you are and for whatever you pray for. The lights of praise dry up disease and drive out fear. When hardship and opposition stand in your way, praising God will bring a light so bright that it blinds your enemy and washes him out in pure white—and all you will be able to see is your peaceful path forward.

The praise comes first, before the good results—before the solution to your situation. Praise God for the problems He will solve tomorrow, especially the problems you don’t know about yet. He already knows tomorrows problems and He already has His own solution waiting for you.

God is already worthy to receive praise, that is why He must be praised right now. It is injustice against the existence of every molecule, every human, every angel, and against the Creator God Himself not to praise Him for what He already deserves. He is worthy now, already, so praise Him now, already!

Stop what you’re doing to praise Him as a gift to Him. Don’t stop if it is dangerous, of course, or you might create a terrible situation in which you must repent before praising God. You can’t praise God with conscious, intentional sin continuing on in your life, sin that you either know is wrong, including harming others. Refusing sin and declining temptation are also forms of praise, forms that God loves. Those forms of praise are easier when you praise Him for Who He is already.

No matter what your situation, praise is the solution, both for the problems you face and for the problems you have yet to see. So, praise God now while you have time. Tomorrow, you may need to rely on the praise you gave him today.