321 – Stop Everything and Befriend God Just as You Are

Wherever you are in your life, God love you just as you are. You will always have things to learn and sin to repent of. Learn what you need, repent of sin you know about, but even before those things, know that God does love you. Repenting of sin and learning more opens up more room for friendship with God. Growing your friendship with God comes both before, during, and after learning and repentance.

Friendship with God is part of every step of the Christian life because God stays with us through everything, all the way.

Put the business of life on pause and think about your friendship with God. Think about how much you love Him because of how much He loves you and how much you enjoy thinking about enjoying thinking about Him as your friend. Take a moment, right now while reading and think about it.

Every day, all day long, steal any time you can to fix your thoughts on the God above who love you just as you are.

Growing up is one of God’s expressions to us, explaining His own love for us. Children are adorable, yet dirty, immature, yet lovable, and naughty, yet full of potential. The tender understanding and wise patience that a grandparent has toward grandchildren—having seen the growing process all the way through its cycle—shows us a glimpse of how and why God looks at us at any stage of our growth and loves us just the same.

Never outgrow your childlike ability to need God’s love through the patient eyes of parenting. You will always have things to learn, improve, and outgrow. Even the greatest theologians over a hundred years old understand that God looks at them like snot-faced children just starting out. The more we grow, the more we can work along side God in bringing beauty and justice to the universe. Learning about God always includes knowing that He is the best friend you can ever and will ever have.

Even after the first ten thousand years of Eternity in the next life, friendship with God will be just as relevant. So, think about God as your best friend today.