332 – Law of Foundations

Every structure shadows the base on which it is built, whether area, manner, or strength.

A foundation determines the size and specific location of its building. It thus keeps the building in place, preventing it from wandering or sliding. A castle build on sand will collapse because it is not suited for the ground on which it is built. If you live on a sand dune, don’t build a castle, build a grass hut. That way, when—not if—it falls down, it won’t be that big of a deal. If you can afford a castle, however, buy appropriate real estate.

This Law of Foundations governs other Laws themselves. Every Law in Earth exists as it is because it was made in Heaven first. To pray for God’s will to be done in Earth as in Heaven is to pray for Earth to be aligned with the foundation of its existence: Heaven. Evil sprouts from the attempt to contend with the Laws written in Heaven, hoping to rewrite them. But, Laws can neither be rewritten nor invented by those whose very existence is governed by them.

The American concept of “government of the people” founds the government upon the consent of the people so governed. Government, therefore, rebelling against its people is as much an absurd self-degradation as the evil attempt to change the Laws written in Heaven.

Foundations affect learning. Strong elementary skills will speed up education that follows. Likewise, friendship is built on trust, not excuses and loopholes. Companies, countries, institutions, and families without moral direction always implode. Morals are a foundation.

Bigger, taller buildings need foundations complex, agile, and strong enough to withstand earthquakes and sway from wind. Strength is not brittle; it must be elastic enough to adapt to stress, yet maintain its identity to prove that its original form does not change once that stress is released. Justice must be blind so as to be impartial, but not deaf to the needs of the needy. In this, mercy and grace provide the agility needed to keep justice unbreakable.

Nothing is stronger than its foundation. Structures built atop shaky foundations cannot be re-founded, only condemned, demolished, and rebuilt—it’s the Law.

Matthew 7:24-27, Romans 15:20, Ephesians 2:19-22