336 – Law of Generational Sin

The Law of Generational Sin causes the sins of a father—a male with Y chromosomes—to embed his own sinful behavior into the genetic makeup of his children for three to four generations; the mother—who has only X chromosomes and no Y—cannot. This genetic design from our Creator is one of His greatest gifts to humanity by making sin easy to track while limiting sin’s ability to spread.

Generational Sin explains why “personality disorders” are “enduring” and can neither “adapt” to truth nor circumstances. Whatever sin a father fails to expunge before fathering children will be seen in those children. This is a warning that fathers must take their responsibility seriously and will surely face consequences of seeing their own neglect oppress the children they love. In this manner, fathers who do not lead themselves early in life become tyrants toward children. The only way to break these seemingly unbreakable “personality disorder” patterns is for children to forgive their fathers of the sin passed down to them. This insight helps solve problems only solvable by recognizing morals and guidance that can only come from above.

Generational Sin proves every father an inescapable failure, defining every human “in need of forgiveness”. But, sin doesn’t win.

God’s grace through women is their exemption from participating in this power of sin. Mothers are not allowed to genetically pass on their sin—it’s the Law. Because of this, mothers have grace to err and the objective viewpoint to love their children in hope, nurturing younger generations to walk in love and forgiveness. Forgiveness not only looses Heaven into action on Earth, it looses the sinful circumstances into which we were born.

Mothers have this new power by lacking the power to destroy. This explains a morsel of God’s beautiful mind. Jesus himself had no sin because he was born only of a mother with no human father. Because of Jesus’s sinlessness, all humanity can be saved, forgiving previous generations by repaying debt from the infinite riches generated by Jesus’s crucifixion.

No stronger force exists in the created order to hold us accountable to live and breathe and swim in forgiveness as the Law of Generational Sin.

Exodus 34:6