342 – It’s not Enough to Be Angry

It is remarkably, notably, strangely, and uniquely boring, unoriginal, and universal for humans in their youth to determine to be different from the generation before.

Things aren’t as good as we like them. Perhaps something truly terrible happened—which happens all too often. Or, we might just complain because things aren’t better—which is good because good parents want their children to improve the future. Whatever we decide in the earlier years of life to make different in the future, that decision makes no one special since it is instinctive for every human. Accordingly, that determination itself isn’t enough to make any difference at all.

If we want to make a difference, we must determine to do more than make a difference. Especially among poorer families in whatever country or economy of the world, many who are eagerly determined to improve things for the future never want to learn and figure out the right way—they don’t want to learn how—they presume they already know how—to make the future better than the past.

Perhaps they decide that they need a college education—or that their children need a college education. College can help, but it’s not the way for everyone’s education and there is no universal guarantee that it is one way or even a possible way to help the next generation. Parents who blindly decide their children need college in order to make life better may raise hyper-wealthy children who never go to college, but whom they alienate while trying to force them to.

Some may decide they need hard work, without a care for “smart” work. Some may decide that “innovation” is a waste, that consciously becoming fat is a healthy way to be “strong”, or some other nonsense. Usually, our emotional response about “how” to make the future better is no more than a reaction to a specific past, while the future always surprises. Past failure can warn us or fuel our resolve to improve, but it’s not enough to navigate the uncharted waters ahead.

If we want to improve the future, we must resolve to learn how improvement must be made. Getting help is vital. And, never stop learning.