348 – God’s Word Is…

The Bible is best known as “God’s Word”. The WORD is the Son and spoke Creation into being; Jesus is the WORD made flesh. God’s “words” are messages from God to us in prophecy and life.

God’s Word was inspired by the Holy Spirit through the writings of godly men addressing the matters of their day, containing their personalities and language styles, but because the Holy Spirit “inspired” those writers, God’s Word is perfect in its ability to supercharge your heart for an optimally effective life.

God’s Word might be compared to an operating system of Heaven, written for us, in the human language of history and literature. Poetry is code—the code of the human psyche—and God’s Word is written in that code. We are best able to understand Heaven’s ideas for helping us on Earth by reading ancient history, ancient law, ancient poetry, ancient prophecy, and ancient correspondence. God’s Word is a window back in time to the pivotal points in human history, interpreted through the worldview of our Creator God.

Concepts of “software updates” belong to our human progress in technology, not God. God’s Word updates our “software”, the “update” does not need updating.

Our DNA structure, human patterns, basic survival needs, and nature as the Image of God has not changed at all. The operating system we need today is neither more nor less able to suit our needs today than it was with Adam and Eve. We do not need any “update” to God’s Word since our hardware has indeed not changed. To say that we have “improved” to any point of needing an improvement on God’s Word would suggest that God didn’t know what He was doing, that we were partially an accident, that we were partially incomplete and imperfect when God made us.

God Most High’s instructions for us cannot be improved upon. To say so denies that God is Most High.

By taking in God’s Word daily, we steadily progress a supernatural transformation—beyond the metaphysical existence of our minds—giving us wisdom and virtue to make us strong for every other area in which we hope to improve. Only God’s Word makes self-actualization even possible.

Psalm 33:4; 119:130, Matthew 4:4; 24:35, Luke 11:28, 2 Peter 1:21