352 – Prayer Is…

Praying connects us to God Most High. It gives us fellowship with Him, we can listen, He speaks back to our particular situations and needs we often don’t know we have.

Praying puts you on the speaking platform to appeal in Heaven’s courtroom. When you make prayer requests, include reasons why, defensive arguments, explanations of fairness, why your request is so important to you, and why it should be important to Heaven. God is the Judge, hearing your request in His courtroom; He is also your friend. In prayer, you do legal business with the best friend you ever had and ever could have for all Eternity.

When you pray, angels and demons see your body change different colors, flames lick upwards off of your body that can only be seen in the spiritual realm, and smoke rises up off of your head, arms, and legs like incense, bellowing upward toward the sky.

When you pray, Heaven gets an invitation to do things Heaven’s way in your life and in the space around you. Miracles are more likely because they are more welcome. Understanding, knowledge, wisdom, strength, insight, hope, and peace are all more probable because those are the things you are probably praying for—they are the things you had better be praying for.

When you pray, angels watch this great miracle in the natural world that spiritual beings can’t understand—that a human with a physical body performs the spiritual action of prayer to the only real God, Who is invisible in the natural realm. Why would a human do that, all by faith? Angels just can’t understand because our prayer fascinates them so.

When we pray together, all of our powers are multiplied by ten. One praying person can stand against ten demons, three can stand against a thousand. Praying together brings unity in our hearts and amplifies our prayer requests like logs joined in a fire. Pray with others as often as you can and for Heaven’s sake, don’t only pray in the same building only once a week.

Pray everywhere you go because you want the blessings of Heaven to go everywhere with you. Be a walking Heavenly flame: Pray.

1 Chronicles 16:11, Ephesians 1:15-23; 6:18, 1 John 5:14-16