356 – Action Is…

Action is what separates Men, good from bad. God will judge each and every one of us—not by what we say or hope to do, but by our actions. Our actions yield results, showing us that our intentions behind those actions were wrought in God and His fairness. The fruits of our efforts slightly lag, but by following Biblical teaching, we can know what will result from which efforts with those things about which God is most concerned.

As for the actions that we do not understand, their results are also delayed from the actions that cause them, but we can learn slowly by reflecting on which actions we took that led to the results. If God’s Word had not made it so clear where our actions would lead, then God is much more concerned that we learn from all of our failures and become better at what we do. God will forgive when we repent, but we don’t want repentance and forgiveness to be the greatest action we took.

Run in the wide birth of God’s forgiveness so that you can focus your efforts on discerning the right kinds of action that will bring the maximum good results. God gives each of us small amounts of opportunity to train us and refine our abilities. As we learn, God gives us more to be responsible with. This is a principle God’s Word calls “stewardship”: responsible work lead to respectable results, thus God gives us larger fields in which to work.

If you haven’t seen your fields increase, don’t condemn yourself, but keep learning. You might be foolish and need to step in line or you may be doing everything wonderfully, so God wants you to spend extra time learning because He has some great future planned for you. Just keep working.

God created all of us as stewards in some capacity. God is our steward over us, tending to us, training us. Whenever we take action, we partner with God in a cascade of great work, rippling through creation, bringing beauty, plenty, and justice everywhere. It is in our working stewardship that we understand who God is by experiencing His reflection working within ourselves.

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