40 – God the Creator & Craftsman

God made everything. He created us as open, blank canvases, each with a free will. Our very will to love or hate God is among the things He created. He also created the stars and everything in the universe, all through His Word.

Plants, animals, and even landscapes were not manufactured, they were crafted. Just as a painter expresses emotion on the canvas, so does God continue to weave His thoughts, personality traits, and emotions into Creation. In many ways, though not all, we can learn about God’s nature by looking at the nature He crafted. For the rest, we must study His Word.

The intricate, fine artistry throughout Creation—from the galactic level to the microscopic—all reflects God’s handiwork. The identifiable yet unique properties of species also show His artistry. No two leaves in all of history are ever identical, yet we can clearly identify a tree by its leaves. Leaves grow today, then whither; God continues crafting, so can we.

We as God’s Image reflect His nature as the great Craftsman. We find Creation to be beautiful because in Creation we find an archetype of ourselves on some level. By looking at Creation, we read messages of love and hope from a Creative Craftsman God who is very present even when we cannot feel Him.

Few things are as inspiring for our own innovation as Creation. God is the source of all innovation and diligent craft. Inspiration is one reason some people enjoy individual sports like motorcycle riding, light aircraft piloting, sailing, surfing, skiing, wake boarding, skate boarding, show boarding, hunting, fishing, running, hiking, and golf. Harnessing the forces of nature while enjoying nature on a grand scale inspires us.

Craftsmanship originated with our Creator. By having any craft of our own, we understand more about God because craftsmanship is the mastery of yet one more attribute of God reflected in our own immutable character. By understanding nature through the Bible’s explanation of God, and by understanding God through His own craftsmanship, we gain the best insight as good craftsmen ourselves. Even mundane diligence in craftsmanship helps us to touch His heart.

Among God’s many fitting titles, He is our Master Craftsman.

Proverbs 3:19-20, John 1:1-3, Ephesians 2:10