48 – God the Redeemer

Since the Beginning, God has always been the Great Redeemer.

Adam and Eve were tempted by the Serpent—the rebellious angel, Satan, also known as the Dragon. When they ate the forbidden fruit, the very next event in the story was the sound of the Lord walking in the Garden of Eden. God was right there to deal with their situation and help them through the mess they made.

Through the Flood and Noah’s Ark, God saved all Humanity from the disaster caused by rebellious angels and wicked Men. God saved us again from an evil, worldwide empire when Babylon united in rebellion and God changed our languages. He brought Abraham out of the Chaldeans, then sent him to rescue Lot. He was with Jacob to save his relationship with his brother Esau, guided Israel to Egypt, then delivered Israel through Moses. He redeemed Ruth who became the great grandmother of King David. God protected Israel through judges, kings, and counselors in Babylon like Esther, Daniel, and Nehemiah. In the New Testament, God saved all of humanity through Jesus Christ.

In the End, humanity will judge and condemn the rebellious angels at the Great White Throne Judgment. This means that humans—before we were made—were always part of God’s plan to eradicate evil, not only from Earth, but from Heaven as well.

Whenever God saves people from a dark situation, He could just throw them away, but he doesn’t.

At the Flood, God did not merely punish evil—He redeemed humanity.

God brings people out of darkness and despair. He doesn’t leave us there and He doesn’t merely punish us for getting ourselves there. He rescues and restores us to a place of strength and importance.

We are and always have been treasured by God.

When we end up in dire straits—almost always from our own idiocy—God helps us, in a sense “salvaging” us, masterfully exploiting our trouble to refine and perfect us.

It is no oxymoronic mystery that God would save us. His redemption is amazing, undeserved, and unfathomable—but God does not contradict logic in redeeming us; logic dictates that His choice to redeem us demonstrates our value to Him.

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