52 – God the Governor, Savior, and Executioner

Few things offer comfort like knowing that God is still on His Throne.

If you have not seen things in this life that scare you, then you have been living in a dream world. Many people are afraid to wake up from their dream world for fear of having no hope. People do things to us or we see evil things done to others. This can drive us mad, even insane. Anyone who hasn’t seen this is sleep walking through life with their eyes open.

But, God remains on His Throne. He permits and orchestrates everything that happens. God sees all. He allows great evil to plan and execute heinous deeds, but then at the last minute He swoops down to deliver us.

Everyone dies at some point. When someone is murdered by evil Men, that does not mean God “lost the battle” or that God didn’t save the person. We don’t know all the conversations and thoughts in that person’s last moments; God does. Though none of us get out of here alive, Jesus is thankfully our resurrection.

Though God allows the time of death for some to come at the hands of evil, God does indeed deliver humanity from all evil. The devil is God’s devil. In fact, God will save you, honor you, celebrate you, even pay you back a thousand fold, and He will make the devil pay the entire bill—and the devil will do so willingly, even though he doesn’t want to, because of how much more brilliant God is.

When we see great evil, if we do not remember that God is on the Throne—both to govern all that happens and to save humanity from evil—then we are tempted to take revenge into our own hands. Don’t let this be you. Encourage others who need this reminder as well.

God will repay all. In the next life, when all humanity and all angels good and evil stand before the Great White Throne, we will see God’s justice. We will weep with joy at the ingenious plan God crafted from the beginning.

You will know neither fear nor hatred, the more you remember God is in control.

Deuteronomy 32:35, 2 Thessalonians 1:8, Hebrews 10:30, 1 Peter 3:9