55 – Be Like A Grandparent

Grandparents have rapport with the entire family.

They don’t always receive absolute loyalty and pure love from everyone in the family, but they have a level of unanimous respect. When the grandparents talk, everyone listens.

Grandma and grandpa raised the kids and the grandkids. They love each and every child and grandchild—and great grandchild—in the entire family. Grandparents understand and know each child. Grandkids visit grandma and grandpa’s house on weekends, holidays, or while mom and dad are busy.

When the kids or the grandkids have a dispute, they will listen to the grandparents because everyone loves grandma and grandpa—and everyone knows grandma and grandpa love everyone. They don’t need to be particularly smart or wise, but, if nothing else, the family will work together because of their common love for grandma and grandpa. Grandparents can settle disputes, or at least help everyone smile and “make it okay”.

But, grandparents also have experience, insight, knowledge, and some level of wisdom. Whether the grandparents gained their wisdom by chasing after it or by the university of hard knocks, they still have wisdom to offer the family. Even if the grandparents were foolish for much of their lives, they have experience that can only be gained with time.

Grandparents are more patient with children. They are less easily aggravated, more understanding, and more inclined to “drip” little nuggets of wisdom to enlighten the children as they learn on their own—children both adult and young.

In Jewish culture, as in many Asian cultures, three generations will live under the same roof. While mom and dad tend to the family trade, the grandparents will help keep the house in order and raise the children.

Grandparents know how to raise children because they have seen the process all the way through. First-time parents, however, can be arrogant “know-it-alls”, even more than teenagers—which may be where teenagers can get the attitude from. By having watched the entire birth and life process, grandparents can provide better guidance for the children.

An “old soul” will seek wisdom; it is a choice. The more you can learn from the elderly, the more helpful you can be, like a grandparent.

Leviticus 19:32