64 – God the Mighty to Save

God loves to save us!

When Israel came out of Egypt, God utterly crushed the crux of Satan worship in that day—Egypt and their phony religion of human sacrifices. Often, God would remind Israel, “I brought you out of Egypt.” This is a reminder for all who study the Bible.

Whatever adversary you face, look to how God helped Israel get out of Egypt. Ten times Pharaoh got a sound spanking from God, but he still wouldn’t learn. God told Moses that He wanted to harden Pharaoh’s heart just so that he could decimate that evil empire. Pharaoh made the choice himself to reject God, relegating to God the choice of how much to harden Pharaoh’s heart.

God allows evil to mount up so He can out-show and out-do everything and everyone. Those times when God comes to the rescue we utterly know in our hearts that He is supreme over everything. Of course, we easily forget, which is why God tells us to study the Bible daily and why He so often reminds Israel to remember what He did in Egypt—what He did to Egypt.

When you know that God is stronger than your enemies, you will fear no one except the God you know loves you. He knows how much you need to be reminded of this. So, he sets up foolish enemies in your lane—He put them there like bowling pins to bowl right through. The whole time, God is not worried one bit. He laughs at your enemies and celebrates just the though of you. God comes with wrath and laughter, not the least bit worried, not shaken in the least.

You must build up your knowledge about God Who Is Mighty to Save before the day of your trouble. The swelling waves will scare you to pray if you have not been praying enough. God sends adversaries and troubles for your benefit. Those times are scary, they build character, you will almost surely wet your pants the first few times, but you will only go into all-out panic mode if you have neglected your daily life in Bible and prayer. Prepare yourself; study the God Who Saves.

Exodus 1-17, Psalm 37, Zephaniah 3:17