73 – Dear Kid Part 2

Do these with others, then it will be easy to make sure others do these with you…

Whenever working with others, you must have these two mutual requirements:
1. You didn’t tell someone something until you tell them and they say it back to you. You don’t know what someone did until you ask them what they did. Even with 500 witnesses and 1,000 videos, ask first. If the person lies to you, then you found out the most important part.
2. Give everyone a second chance at something once or twice. After paying for a five million dollar mistake, firing the person is too expensive after investing so much in the person’s education. The price of a low turnover rate without constant rookie mistakes is that you must forgive enough to allow multiple second-chances.

…And, do these for two reasons:
1. This is what smart bosses and smart companies do. Those that don’t are easy to defeat in any arena, from sports to military to business.
2. Jesus commands it, forgiveness and healthy communication.

Indirect teaching is polite, allowing people time to learn on their own. But, indirection is never, never, never “communication” where one can expect another to have received the message. To expect understanding, one must be direct.

When working for heathens, you are only as good as your last mistake. When working for Jesus, your mistakes make you irreplaceable because of the expense on your education. Heathens often parade themselves as Christians, then inject this ideology into their fake “Christianity”, claiming Jesus while neither forgiving nor reconciling. Know it and don’t touch it. If you have been unforgiven, get out. God’s protecting you from heathens.

You never know what’s going to set people off. Just be humble, forgive, be forgiven, and keep relationships that have a history. If you’re expelled without warning, be thankful that God got you out before the building self-destructed.

You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person and you can’t say the right thing to the wrong person. If you are worthy, a smart boss or client will hire you. If you are worthy, but don’t get hired, then God is protecting you from something.