80 – God with Us

Jesus was born so that God could be with us. In his first life on Earth, Jesus had to die for our sin at the Cross. But, he was with us the whole time. And, he did it so that he could be with us forever. God came down and lived among us so that God could come down and live among us.

He seems far off at times, even though His daily provision and creative wonder nearly drench us every moment of every day. Still, as much as we want to behold God’s face, He wants us to behold His face. But, first, we must know and understand Him, which we can do if we seek Him. This is a temporary process in our growth and development, not God’s permanent plan.

Very soon, likely within a few thousand years, God will show Himself to us directly and we will be with Him forever. He longs for this infinitely more than we do. Every moment until then prepares us for Eternity with Him. This is the meaning of “Emmanuel”: God with us. Jesus is Emmanual.

The Infinite, Eternal, Uncreated, Inapproachable God Most High is perfectly known in the man Jesus Christ of Nazareth. When he was on Earth, people could look at him and understand the personality and nature of God and His character—conversing with Him directly, not through a third party—when they talked to Jesus. We will do the same.

The Holy Spirit is Jesus’s Spirit, so we can have conversation and friendship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit, yet on a different level of reality. Through the Holy Spirit, who lives in our physical bodies, God is also with us in comfort and meaningful fellowship. The Bible is the Word of God with us, placed at our disposal.

Even simple events that God works through to help us and show us that He is near—even history, in a way, puts us in the presence of God. Paying attention, reading the Bible, praying, worshiping in deed and song, listening to God—all of these things bring us to a place where we interact with the Infinite God Who is with us.