84 – God who Is Everywhere

God is everywhere. The theological term for this is “omnipresence”. This does not mean that His uttermost presence is uttermostly active in every micron of every universe. Rather, it means that every location is at His immediate disposal and access. There is no place for anyone to run from Him, no place of danger beyond His protective arm’s reach.

God’s “presence” can often be felt and Christians may often speak of “the presence of God” or “feeling His presence in the room”. This is not the same as God’s “omnipresence”, but a heightened level of God’s proactive presence. When we pray, we welcome His proactivity into our space and so His presence takes more action. God is in the continuous process of expanding His glory in all ways. Part of this includes creation.

His beauty and majesty are shown throughout the created universe. His justice expands into society and culture when people do the right things among each other. This is part of His work in and through us: to expand His glory in and through us.

As God expands His glory in many ways, He also expands His presence wherever we pray and worship Him. Wherever we are, when we speak the name of Jesus or call on the Lord God Most High, He shows up right then and there. He can because He has instant, immediate access to every location in existence.

Souls consigned to Hell and the Conscious, Eternal Lake of Fire will be out of His presence—His proactive presence. This will not empower them to plot against Him since He will still govern their very existence, but when they call He will not answer, when they pray, His joy will not visit them. Those who do not welcome God’s presence into their lives will one day get what they want most and there, in their lonliness, what they will find is Hell itself, the place where God has access, but where He does not visit with blessing because in those places He is not welcome.

Heaven and Hell themselves are what they are as they relate—whether welcome or unwelcome—to the ever presence of the God Who is everywhere.