86 – When People…

When people tell you something can’t be done, they mean that they tried, failed, and want everyone else to fail.

When people tell you that you won’t succeed at doing something, they mean that they don’t want you to succeed.

When people misrepresent what you believe then disagree with their misrepresentation, that means they disagree with you.

When people protest change, listen. People need their own size; never coerce anyone into changing or learning.

When people stonewall, they want a small, puny, little relationship with you; start there and they might want more.

When people didn’t see what you saw, ask you to clarify what you saw multiple times, then doubt the facts you claim, that means they are drowning in their own experience of the world so much that they can’t breathe in anything to the contrary.

When people misunderstand you and run away from you as a result, that means they have so many other worries that they do not have the capacity to understand the truth about you even if you showed them.

When people talk for a long time, that means that they have a lot to say; listen, whether to validate, help, learn, or perhaps save yourself with some important message you never would have thought was important.

When people don’t forgive it’s because they need forgiveness more than you do, but don’t want to repent. They want to stay stuck in their rut; let them, and use good manners when you do. Don’t bother apologizing because that will make it more difficult for them to hold their grudge against you for whatever good thing you did without asking their permission for them to refuse.

When people evade you over a disagreement, it’s because they know they can’t hold a candle to your reasoning on the matter. Either they are wrong and know it or they think they are right, but are too cowardly to stand for their beliefs. Either way, evasion in disagreement is cowardly; expect subterfuge to follow and take immediate steps to softly make your position more flexible and robust while also more approachable, yet conscientious. If you act strongly and charitably, even the evasion might diminish.