88 – God who Sees and Knows ALL

God sees and knows everything. The theological term for this is “omniscience”. Whatever your circumstance, God sees you. Not only does He know all knowledge and theory from an academic vantage point, He also knows all events as they occur. He is up to speed on everything, from the hatching of worms into butterflies to the reproduction of protoplasm to the machinations of wicked conspiracies among Mankind.

When a child knows that his mother or father or grandparents are watching, he feels safe. In some sense, the child feels accountable and will guard his behavior for fear of punishment—or, more importantly, fear of disappointing the adults who love him. We have that same comfort in knowing that God sees us and everything in our universe.

From the bad to the good, God is there. He is not limited by distance or spectrums of light. There are no obstacles that can obstruct His omniscient vision. Even your thoughts He knows. If no one in this world understands you, rest assured that God the Omniscient does know and understand you perfectly.

He understands the people you work with and struggle against. He knows all about the people who fight against you—He knows their excuses, their stories, and whatever-in-the-world they may be thinking that drives them to do whatever-in-the-world they do. You don’t know these things, but that’s okay because Someone does and He is Good.

God is not blind or incapable. He doesn’t struggle to read your letters. He doesn’t play favorites because we are each His favorite equally. He sends no one to Eternal Hell without knowing all about them nor does He forgive anyone and welcome them into Eternal Bliss without knowing every bad thing they ever did.

When we don’t know what to do, we can call on Him. Pray for wisdom or insight. Pray for God to help you understand or lead you to the information you so badly need. The tasks of tomorrow and today are much easier to bear when we know that the light of His Vision shines down on us and we can always ask for suggestion and guidance from the God Who sees and knows everything.