97 – Know Your Limits

Everyone has limits and powers. Going up against someone who’s obviously stronger is just plain bratty. When someone does that, say so.

Work within your strengths. Know the line not to cross. Follow God’s leading because He knows your limits and strengths better than you do. Credit and blame Him for everything. Your authority and influence never came from you anyway, but all of it came from Him. So, talk and act like it.

When you confront someone, say that you’re not the one making the ultimate decisions, but that God is and we all must obey Him; there are no “favorites” where the need to obey God is concerned. By acknowledging that we are all subject to God, you can focus your efforts on the areas of strength God gave you.

By saying that you don’t make a decision, you remove the ability for others to contend with you. Just the same, when someone else has no power, bargaining chip, vested interest, say, or even influence in a matter—but that person seems to have forgotten and tries to contend with you—give a friendly reminder.

It is wise and morally good to know one’s own powers. Walking into a wolves’ den with neither protection nor plan, then being eaten alive, is foolish and does moral injustice to the people you could have helped by staying alive. In this, getting into a fight that you truly can’t win borderlines on being immoral if not at least setting a bad example by squandering time.

Now, a fight you can’t win is very different from a fight that you can win while someone taunts you with a lie claiming you can’t. In that case, it’s the taunting liar who is the fool for not knowing his own limits.

In light of God’s sovereignty, “might indicates who is right” because God upholds laws that give strength to people who work diligently and wisely. Strength and administrative “authority” are no indication of moral standing with God, but they are an indication of which battles God wants us to fight. Fight the battles you are prepared for; keep preparing so you can win more battles to give more justice.