135 – Evaluate the Logic

If we really believe something is true, would we do what we are doing? It is okay to ask people that question when they accuse you of something absurd. Especially ask yourself this question.

Take the religious zealot who recruits people to his weekly meeting, yet seeks arguments everywhere he goes. Not many religious teach of a God who hates enemies; God’s Word’ God Who wants enemies to repent into a hopeful future. Does a truly religious man truly want to argue? Perhaps he doesn’t truly believe what he claims, one way or another. Perhaps that man is you.

Take the doctor whose patient tells him of home remedy, but that doctor doesn’t seriously think about starting a research article in a medical journal about the home remedy. Does that doctor truly want to heal people or just stick to practicing what he already knows? How about the lawyer addicted to narcotics, drives 30 over the speed limit on a regular basis, trades stock with inside tips, or hides money in offshore accounts to pay near zero tax—does he really seek “justice” in court?

Evaluate your own logic—both what you claim to believe and what you believe about others.

You don’t know why other people do what they do. Someone could seem to confront you, but is actually saving your life. The best policy is patience and to just, plain, simply not judge. You need to prove someone was NOT trying to save your life before you hold a grudge or even “forgive”.

If someone saved your life, that’s not “forgiveable”, that’s “thankable”. To forgive someone without first hearing their side is also a judgment against that other person, which Heaven regards an ongoing judgment against you until you repent of that idea and get your thoughts straight.

Perhaps someone was trying to save your life, merely by punching you in the face to teach you to make peace quicker than make enemies. It may have been the wrong way, but that person might truly care about you deep inside. Talk. Verify. Listen. Check the logic of whatever conclusion you draw. Make sure your opinion is not just some phantom in your mind.