141 – Keep Your Regiment

Diet, exercise, reading, learning, practicing, growing, praying, advancing… Don’t let school exams, big projects, travel, holidays, weather, long recoveries from injury, or other interruptive circumstances knock you off your track. When you have to take a break, remember to get back to work. Make adjustments and keep the vision in your mind.

My father was fit, slim, and ran every day until my mother became pregnant with me. He stopped running and quickly got “furniture disease”—where the chest falls into the drawers.

Don’t pursue romance until you’ve grown up enough to come out the other side an even better person. Have your business or career ready, have money in the bank or some schedule thought through. Many good projects get abandoned because the software developer had a kid or the business had an expensive start and money didn’t come in soon enough. Many children don’t know their fathers who either won’t abandon their pet projects or have to work extra because they weren’t financially ready for kids. People get married or begin a twenty-year job and their priorities change both for better and worse; go into every day expecting that, don’t be ignorant.

Select your priorities to maintain before the unexpected surprises you. Through uphill climbs, hold your standards as high as you can and know that no life worth publishing happens by itself. God is always in control, but don’t let circumstance take you out of the driver’s seat of your diligence. Stand alert at your watch.

When you get off track, don’t wait for your friends to call you; keep yourself in line. “Accountability groups” are useful, but overrated. “Confession circles” are for people just beginning to admit their problems to themselves. Planning with a wingman is a blessing beyond words. Two can achieve the work of five; it’s called “synergy”. But, don’t let so-called “accountability partners” be your excuse to fail. Don’t let “accountability salesmen” tell you that you’ll fail without affirming their egos and buying their books. At times you will be your only wingman—that is one of the steepest uphill climbs. A little self-accountability and intrinsic motivation during easy times will prepare you for summits worth their ascent.